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Strawberry margarita - Take a margarita glass or stemmed gin style glass. Frost with ice and water. In a shaker add crushed ice or blended ice. Add 50ml tequila, 25ml Cointreau 50ml lime juice, 75ml strawberry syrup. Shake and pour into frosted glas. For a garnish add a strawberry to the rim of the glass. Optionally you can rub a wedge of lime around the rim and dip into salt.


Strawberry woo woo - A simple classic. Add ice to a tall glass. Add to a shaker with ice, 50ml vodka, 50ml strawberry syrup, 50ml strawberry liquor and 50ml cranberry juice. Shake and pour into glass. Add 1 long straw.

Strawberry Ginjito - Add fresh strawberries, lime wedge and mint leaves to a tall or gin glass. Get a shaker with ice and add 50ml gin, 50ml strawberry syrup, 20ml lime juice. Shake and then add 50ml soda water. Pour into glass and serve