Our range of selection boxes are the perfect way to get all the flavours you need in one box. Whether its coffee mornings or cocktail nights, we have the range for you. All our 250ml bottles are from Werving's signature range of syrups. Perfect for presents for anyone who loves coffee or cocktails. 

The Coffee selection range - 

Perfect to create a delicious coffee for any mood. Our syrups have no artificial flavours or preservatives to effect the taste of the syrup or coffee you enjoy.

Including - Caramel, Cinnamon, Gingerbread, Hazelnut and Vanilla. 

The cocktail selection range -

This range is perfect if your hosting or creating a variety of cocktails. We have a number of recipes you can use with all these syrups to create something for everybody. 

Including - Strawberry, Vanilla, Demerara, Caramel, Classic and Mango. 

The fruit selection box is for any reason you can think of. Our fruit flavours are so well made from natural, fresh ingredients that they can be used for any reason. Cocktails, coffee or baking, just add a little fruit syrup for a boost of flavour and sweetness. Get our best ones all at once in 250ml bottles and let us know which your favourite is.

Includes : Mango, strawberry, lemon,