Recipes and Creations

We don't just make the syrups. At Werving's we are coming up with ways to use them. Look around and get some ideas for you and your friends to try. On this page you will find many of quick and easy examples of what you can make using one or more of our products. However for some more detailed recipes for the more adventurous - check out or pages for cocktails, coffee and hot drinks, or baking.

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To make great cocktails you don't need much. There are a few basic piece of equipment you need and can buy cheaply in many great looking collections. You will need: Mixing spoon, muddler, shaker, strainer and measuring cups. 

When shopping for cocktail supplies, keep it affordable and simple. Buy vodka and rum but don't get the best stuff since your mixing it with other flavours. A few fruits make a beautiful garnish and enhance any cocktails look and taste. Finally add soda water, a few mixing juices and a bag of ice. These few things combined with a sugar syrup can combine into hundreds of amazing cocktails!

There are 3 main methods of cocktail making. Build, stir and shake.

  • Build - add ingredients one at a time to a glass

  • Stir - Build and stir it at the end to blend the flavours

  • Shake - Add ingredients to a shaker and shake and strain into glass

If you want to add a little flair there are some simple techniques that add another flavour or dimension to your cocktail making.

  • Burnt peel - squeeze the oil out of orange or lemon skin over a flame and have it land in the cocktail. Burnt orange is a popular way to spice up a cocktail.

  • Frosted glasses - Add ice and water to a glass while you prepare the cocktail. it will chill the glass and add a fogging effect.

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Making barista style coffee at home is a hugely popular pursuit and you can find tips and tricks the world over to learn some of the tricks at home, or duplicate the coffee quality directly. 

Get yourself a hand held grinder, bleach free filter paper and order some quality beans online. Many independent coffee roasters make the amazing beans you find at your favourite coffee shop. Many of them sell there beans directly in fresh sealed pouches.  

Don't limit yourself to just coffee, there are many hot drinks you can make at home to the coffee shop standards and mix well with a variety of syrups.


If your a fan of a classic instant coffee with milk and sugar, try adding just a little flavour using the Werving's Madagascan Vanilla syrup. It will give your coffee and delicious aroma you wont be able to stop smell and a perfect note of sweetness and vanilla. 

For a latte or milkier coffee, something frothy. Try adding the Werving's Cinnamon syrup. We know how well cinnamon pairs with most coffee and people cant get enough of the festive flavour. 

If your just a fan of more natural raw sugar, use Werving's Demerara syrup in your coffee to have a sweet and natural flavour added. 

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Syrup has also found a use in the food and dessert and throughout baking. 

If you want to add a bit of natural flavouring and sweetness to whatever you are making, try adding a flavoured syrup. For every 100ml of syrup you can remove 60g of sugar from your recipe.

We have found a few of our customers churn up some of our syrups and produce ice creams with amazing flavours! The home made ice cream shops love the natural quality of Wervings. 

Pour our Cinnamon or Vanilla flavours over a pastry such as a croissant while baking and enjoy a moist and sweet pastry treat. 

Add the classic syrup to a cake or pour over a cake repeatedly while baking to create a moist delicious cake. 


Take Werving's Caramel syrup. Pour it into a pan, and boil on a low heat until all the water has dissolved. Now you are left with pure caramel thanks to our method of production that stands apart from other caramels on the market. You can pour this caramel onto baked goods or chocolates. 

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