Cinnamon 75
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Werving’s Cinnamon Syrup is infused with whole, organic cinnamon sticks to deliver a powerful flavour. After crushing the cinnamon, we saturate it with water before adding the sugar. This tried-and-tested method draws out the maximum cinnamon goodness, which then binds with the sugar for an intense, high quality infusion – meaning less sugar needed in your drink! Stock this syrup as a perfect accompaniment to any coffee and be sure to check out our section on cinnamon cocktails. You should also consider keeping some on hand for a range of baking opportunities. Let the sweet cinnamon flavour elevate your home baking to patisserie level in one easy step! Drizzle this syrup on freshly baked cakes or pastries for a taste like never before.  

With no artificial flavours, preservatives or colours and hand made in Devon and Cornwall using British sugar and some of the best fresh water in the country. This product is suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Made in an environment that may contain nut traces. Every part of our product is fully recyclable.