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Werving’s Caramel Syrup stands apart from similar products by being made entirely from real caramelised sugar. We are incredibly proud to bring this syrup into our signature range. With all the same natural ingredients as our classic recipe, which boasts little more than sugar and water, this syrup is produced using our unique method to create caramel in liquid form. With a smooth, dark colour and enticing aroma, Werving’s Caramel Syrup would tempt anyone’s sweet tooth – you’ll have to try not to drink this one straight from the bottle! This thick, rich, caramel syrup can be used for dozens of reasons including coffees and cocktails. Check out our recipe ideas page to find your next caramel concoction! With no artificial flavours, preservatives or colours and hand made in Devon and Cornwall using British sugar and some of the best fresh water in the country. This product is suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Made in an environment that may contain nut traces. Every part of our product is fully recyclable.