Environmental programme

Committed to sustainability

At Werving's, we love the planet, and the delicious food it gives us. Not to mention mountains, coral reefs and penguins! So we are highly devoted to using renewable and clean energy throughout our company processes. 

We produce our syrup in Cornwall which all ready use an impressive amount of green energy. 

Currently we pride ourselves on using 100% biodegradable labels, fully recyclable glass bottles and metal lid for our 75cl bottles.

We use only wooden or metal utensils in our production process and avoid single use plastic where possible throughout the company. 

We use readily available materials for our packaging. This includes cutting up boxes for packaging, collecting bubble wrap, protective packaging and shredding newspaper for protection. This is a great benefit to the environment because even if you recycle your paper, a huge amount of fuel is used to ship it from the home to collection a point, to a recycling facility and then back to the market. Roughly a 1000-mile trip just to be remade!
By using reclaimed materials for our boxes, we save money and double up the life span and usefulness of the packaging. We encourage you to save any plastic bubble wrap for the next time you need it and to recycle the cardboard.
So, our packaging may not look as perfect as other delivery boxes, we are proud to take any opportunity to protect the environment wherever possible.

Our goals:

Waste Free by 2022 - All food, packaging and syrup is reused in other products or processes.  0% goes to landfills.

Plastic Free by 2023 - Although we hardly use any in our products, we also want to eliminate single use plastic on anything we buy in or through our shipping process. Our new product of 5 litre Jerry cans are the only plastic container we use currently. 

Petrol/diesel Free by 2025 - The hardest one but we will see how business goes. We aim to eliminate all non-electric vehicles throughout the company.


Wind Turbines