Werving's Syrups

Werving's was established in 2019 after years of home producing syrups for local bars and restaurants. Starting with the Signature range of simple syrups, we have since expanded. With a simple desire to make high quality and reasonably priced products, we have found an amazing footing in the industry and will keeping adding new flavours and products. We also wanted to make a syrup without artificial flavours and unnecessary chemical preservatives. All of this led to us producing a delicious and natural syrup that is yet to be beaten on flavour and price. 


Werving’s signature range of sugar syrups was developed and perfected in one of the finest cocktail bars in the South West. All syrups in our signature range are made using only the finest sugar grown in England and only fresh, natural produce for all flavours. Since then, we have added our Natural range of syrup. For products where we need artificial flavours but still use the finest sugar, water and methods for a superior flavour. Our full range is suitable for vegetarians and almost all flavours are vegan friendly as well.  

Why choose the Werving's syrups? 

At Werving's we are committed to quality ingredients. We produce all our flavours using fresh infusions from real fruits, nuts & spices. We improve our flavour and quality but adding no artificial flavours, preservatives or colours. 

We are a British company and use the finest British sugar and locally sourced ingredients wherever possible. With no artificial flavours, thickeners or colourings, Werving's syrups deliver delicious natural tastes that even the most sophisticated palette will enjoy. Produced and bottled in Devon we have access to some of the finest waters in the country to enhance our product further. 
Check out our recipes page to see how you can apply Werving's to a variety of coffees, cocktails and baked goods. Get some great ideas of how to use each variety to it’s full potential.

Sugar syrup goes by many names such as simple syrup, coffee syrup, gomme, cocktail syrup, cane syrup, sugary syrup..but its all the same thing and made right can be delicious. 

What else?

At Werving’s, we love environment, and the delicious natural flavours our world provides for us. Therefore we commit ourselves to researching and using any renewable energy processes we can to negate the CO² emissions throughout our productions and delivery. Currently our bottles and labels are 100% recyclable and we used reclaimed packaging and protection for shipping wherever possible.

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